Wesley Grove Chapel - "Ye Must Be Born Again"
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http://youtu.be/3GEvenbZanw -- Dare to be a Daniel

http://youtu.be/j5ea8KhCdiE -- Does it matter what you believe

http://youtu.be/XNmXyYIurtw  Can you defend what you believe

http://youtu.be/-Wux8KIgXTE  -- The help you need 1

http://youtu.be/Y-mwKIjc_gQ  -- The help you need 2

http://youtu.be/KWwRsYjGfkE  --  The help you need 3

http://youtu.be/ZLwRWo2GI-U  -- Cults Acupuncture

http://youtu.be/OqjVz_qXQGI -- Cults Assemblies of Yahweh

http://youtu.be/p7pZz9kO_WY -- Cults Astrology

http://youtu.be/fJysaeDIA0Y -- Cults The Aum Shinrikyo

http://youtu.be/tpYy_5hXAQ0 -- Question 1 How can the study of Creation be scientific?  Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/ectk1NeH6PE -- Question 2   Have new scientific and mathematical tools detected Adam and Eve? Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/cBxXQ7Yqr7c -- Question 3  Because galaxies are billions of light years away. Isn't the Universe billions of years old? Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/YKMfjdgXkq0 -- Question 4  Why does the Universe seem to be expanding? Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/cxIlxFdnWwA  -- Question 5  If the sun and stars were created on day 4, what was the light of day 1? Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/VOtQXKy0jAU -- Question 6  How old do evolutionists say the Universe is? Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/iSf_Iq19Kpw -- Question 7  What was Archaeopteryx? Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/upiMztgRyM4 -- Question 8  How accurate is radiocarbon dating? 

http://youtu.be/PYBFMFUQ2bw -- Question 9  How could saltwater and freshwater fish survive the flood? Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/5L6R-jA1pgs -- Question 10  What about the Dinosaurs? Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/EaA1dCH5FCY -- Question 11  Have planets been discovered outside the solar system? Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/nIcTujS_na0 -- Question 12 Did the flood last 40 days and 40 nights? /13  Is the Hydroplate theory consistent with the Bible? Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/y7p91rZCaI4 -- Question 14  How was the Earth divided in Peleg's day?  Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/NEV1Jrd2z_M  -- Question 15  Did it rain before the flood? Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/nrwsXyw1nvc -- Question 16  What triggered the flood? Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/wiAElTaBTS4 -- Question 17 If God made everything, than who made God   Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/hXicgaPpCkQ -- Question 18  Is there life in Outer Space? Creation/evolution

http://youtu.be/z7ZZRq5Xy3Q -- Question 19  Is evolution compatible with the Bible?

http://youtu.be/LyCM79_jSMg -- Question 20  What are the social consequences of belief in evolution?


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